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I recently re-watched all three Transformers films and noticed some little things that could be changed or even deleted, and thus have completely transformed - got that? XD - the franchise:

1 - The Human Element: Seriously. Why does it always have to be a loser and "funny" protagonist who always ends up with a mega sexy girl for some reason? At one time I watched the film again, I thought they might have deleted the teen drama and kept only the military as the human element of the film (I even saw cutting parts of Sam and the only thing that was strange was that Bumblebee does not have a reason of existence and Barricade does not appeared). But after I reviewed this concept, and I think they could have chosen some lesser known actors - that do not require much screen time - but good at what they do, and given more importance to the Transformers than to humans.

2 - The Humor: Honestly I really like comedy in action movies, helps you unwind. But there is a limit. Again my criticisms fall on Sam Witwicky (I really dislikes Shia LaBeouf in this franchise. Sorry.) and his excessively stupid mannerisms that fade from nowhere for he to become a "serious" character - a lot of emphasis in these quotes. But the exaggeration of not only the protagonist but from all spheres of the film - even the military and the government, which should be the really serious part of the movie! - and that not even the Transformers are saved of it (Yes, Skids, Mudflap, Wheelie and Brains, I'm talking about you). Want to put humor into film, put it. We all like to laugh. But know the limits of the proposal that you are presenting.

3 - The Logic: Alright. I know we're dealing with a work of fiction that does not have any commitment to reality, but try to bring Cybertron to Earth orbit as in DOTM would not bring any result for our Solar System? After all, by the size of most of the Transformers, I suppose that Cybertron is at 1.5 times the size of Earth. And would not it much easier to abduct all human slave labor? What about the Matrix of Leadership, which produces Energon in the third film, and in ROTF was told that the only way to find Energon was using the harvest machines that exploded suns? And in DOTM, what Sentinel meant by "The Pillars defy your Laws of Physics"? They are not the same for the entire universe? I think movies like these could use some more elements of real science or at least that has more plausibility.

4 - The Transformers: For me, these should really be the protagonists of the entire franchise. Even if there is some development of them throughout the film - especially of the Autobots - it seems that they only focus on some and leave others aside just for new toys that have to be sold (As much as the whole concept of Transformers is as a background for selling toys since the G1 in 1984).
   * Optimus Prime is obviously the most well developed of all the original plot, proving to be a great leader, warrior and natural born diplomat, willing to do anything to defend his people and the Earth.
  * Bumblebee could very well not be guardian of any human, being much more of a scout and spy for the Autobots, being a soldier of quick and silent attacks due to his short stature. And as he had vocal processors repaired in the first film, would be a pretty obvious idea to MAKE HIM TALK IN THE FOLLOWING MOVIES!
  * If Ironhide's main function was just be the badass of the group and weapons master, was very well done, even though I think he could have a little more strategy in his hands, he being an experienced soldier. 
   * Ratchet had a reasonable development, considering his role as a medical officer, which was somewhat forgotten in ROTF and DOTM, giving way to a more warlike character.
   * The other Autobots: Skids and Mudflap are extremely expendable in the franchise, made just to represent the stereotypical minorities that Mr. Bay loves to portray (I say that being in favor of free comedy. I laugh at black humor and well made stereotypes, but that was horrible). The Arcee Sisters could have appeared in the first movie, taking advantage of the few characters to develop them better. Arcee is a very activating character in the Transformers universe in general and were this movie just there to do volume.
      Sideswipe is a character that I personally enjoyed a lot. A worthy replacement for the late Jazz, but without the shorty Pontiac's swagger and charisma. Jolt was made only to promote the electric car from Chevrolet, not doing much besides joining the parts of Jetfire and Optimus at the end of ROTF. Jetfire even had an important role in ROTF and would be a great comic relief if the movie was not already full of them. A wise counselor would have been more worthy of one of the Seekers, not a whiny old man falling to pieces. Wheelie is pretty stupid, even being perfect sized for a good spy.
      "Mirage and Wheeljack" could have had more development beyond the few lines in DOTM, although "Wheeljack" have proved useful to the team with his inventions. Sentinel has an interesting plot twist, but I think killing him was precipitated, even though he had taken the life of a beloved character (That bastard). Brains should be a special Autobot intelligence agent, practically a counselor and expert on alien technology. But no. Let's spend the potential of this character in a perverted robot. Genius.  
      The Wreckers could have been the master engineers of the Autobots, but as Brains, turned into comic relief. Even if they demonstrate their intelligence to disguise Xantium during Statscream's attack.
   * Megatron  had a good development for the franchise, just like his nemesis, though I find the whole ressurrection thing to be very stupid. His relationship with Optimus, however, was not very well explained, leaving some holes that only those who were behind the extra material discovered. His alternate mode as a Mack M915 in DOTM was one of the best upgrades in my opinion, for the character.
 * Starscream served his purpose well in the movie: Decepticon Air Commander, craves power and glory forever and licks the feet of his master, Megatron, even though what he really wants is to sit on the throne in Megatron's place. Yes this was a good character to the franchise long. But it was just very, VERY stupid that he was killed by Sam. Seriously. He deserved a more dignified end.
   * The Fallen could have been a great villain. Simply because he was the last of the Seven Primes, Megatron's master and very badass. Except that he simply was defeated with a few punches of a descendant of the Primes who fought alone against him. He who was supposedly the strongest of the Seven. Sad.
   * The Other Decepticons: Brawl and Blackout were openly Megatron's loyal sevants, even if one of them was a weapon master and the other an expert in technology. Scorponok did not need to do anything other than already did. Barricade was a spy, but somewhat noisy for such task. Frenzy deserved to die five hundred times in a row, but has developed his role well. Bonecrusher was supposed to be a tactical master on Cybertron, but it looks like it forgot that when saw all colorful Optimus on the roadside. Soundwave has fulfilled its role well in the franchise, being one of my favorites. Ravage follows Scorponok's example.
      The Constructicons should be an Decepticon elite team, prepared for heavy combat, as well as for their advanced engineering skills. In ROTF, they were just pawns to Megatron command. Scrapper could be a kind of chief engineer, while Long Haul, Overload and Hightower would be experts in demolition. Mixmaster maintain its position as weapons designer and expert in chemistry, Rampage would be like a scout - just like Bumblebee for Autobots - but slightly more impulsive and violent, and Demolishor/Scavenger retain its function as the team's bully, without denying his stealth capabilities. Devastator could be formed by this team as a weapon of mass destruction, not a megazord with scrotum which only served to break the pyramid.
       Laserbeak has fulfilled its role as a spy and silent killer of the Decepticons, and its various alternative forms contributed to his disguise. The mercenareis names as Dreads - Crowbar, Hatchet and Crankcase - , acclaimed in TFwiki as saboteurs and assassins assigned to high-ranking Autobots, only been shown as more roadkills for the Autobots in DOTM, being just another trio of generic enemies. Shockwave was by far the most disappointing of the entire franchise. His character - at least when it was shown in the movie - nothing resembled its counterpart in G1. The character was announced as the main villain instead of Megatron, being an scientist extremely devoted to logic and one of the few who defy his leader. Mr. Bay gave us another expendable character, whose sole function was to steal a energy cell at Chernobyl and control a giant cybetronian worm to then die by the hands of Prime Optimus (For a change ¬¬).

5 - The Story: The story of the first film is fairly interesting and fun, considering what they wanted to present. However, many are the holes between the sequences that are only explained to purchase extra materials as the IDW Publishing comics that tell of events before the first film and also of the years between the sequels. I personally like the story of the trilogy, but I agree that the motivations of Deceptions are a bit stupid after the destruction of the All Spark. Especially in DOTM.

6 - The Image: This is perhaps the biggest mistake pointed in practically every film of Michael Bay. rotating camera, blurred images and confusing action scenes are so constant in his films as the presence of a hot woman as protagonist and the deafening noise. It is really very difficult to present a decent battle between two giant alien robots when they are almost the same color, as is the case with many Decepticons in the first movie. Such scenes could have been much better developed there was someone on the team who really cared about how they would be seen by spectators. Apparently, if that person existed, it was not heard. Or remained silent.

Conclusion: That Transformers is a successful franchise, so we already know. The box office always reaching over one billion dollars. However, success does not mean well made movie. The failures outweigh the successes. As said before, this film could have been more enjoyable - but not perhaps come to be as successful - if the focus was on the Transformers, not humans. Even being a franchise that I love, I have to admit that there are many moments that are unpalatable.
     Perhaps if another director had decided to revive this classic of the 80s, we would have a decent franchise. Unfortunately, Michael Bay is the name that brings billions into the film industry. Its clichés and its flaw formula was what brought so much hatred against so beloved characters by those who grew up with its toys and cartoons on TV.

Final scores:

Transformers (2007) - 3/5
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) - 2.5/5
Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) - 3.5/5

Note: I recently watched Age of Extinction. But those movie made me so unhappy and angry that I decided to avoid talking about it with the original trilogy. I only say this: They deconstructed everything that had already been submitted. The Decepticons are no longer threatening, the charm of vehicle-robot transformations was lost, the Autobots turned all into assholes - excluding Hound - the Dinobots were just there to do volume, being completely uncharacterized, the human element remained weak and their motivation - villains and heroes -  is the stupidest. Lockdown was not a good character and Galvatron did not deserve this name. Does not live up to anything on the character that gives it its name.

Still, the fights were not so confusing, the shaky camera its gone and the design of the robots is interesting. I give a score 1.5 of 5. And no more than that.


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Current Residence: Brazil
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So do u always have watched Stitch the Movie or Lilo & Stitch series if u, alredy know that Stitch cousin yellow part Chinese dragon looking alien experiment 221 nicknamed Sparky?
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